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Real estate transactions involve a significant amount of money and tons of complex paperwork, so it is wise to seek guidance from a licensed and experienced real estate agent. If you are buying a home, a licensed agent can provide you with properties that are right for you. If you are a home seller, you want to work with a real estate professional (i.e. a listing agent/seller’s agent) who can organize an effective open house. The key is to get trained real estate service from a licensed agent who will place your interest above anyone else’s. If you are searching for a Brandon, Riverview, Valrico real estate professional to help you search for homes for sale, Beverly Couch-Burnham can and is happy to assist.

Get Real Estate Assistance From Beverly Couch-Burnham

Beverly Couch-Burnham is a specialized Brandon, Riverview, Valrico real estate professional who is licensed when it comes to selling real estate in Brandon, Riverview,  Valrico and other surrounding Tampa Bay cities. Call Beverly Couch-Burnham today and get practiced real estate advice from a real estate expert who is familiar with pricing and buying properties in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico. Submit a completed form today and get dedicated suggestions!

Beverly Couch-Burnham can provide expert real estate services in:

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  • And Many More Homes For Sale!
Her address has never strayed from “Tampa Bay” and throughout her life, she has forged myriad connections to this wonderful community.  In a city, full of transplants, it’s rare to find a native daughter like Beverly Couch-Burnham.  Then again, perhaps it’s not so surprising after all.  Those who know her best will tell you that Beverly is all about making a strong connection with the people and places in her life.

Expanding Her Horizons

Just because Beverly has always called Tampa Bay home, doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced her share of worldly adventures.  Tampa Bay served as an ideal home base during her 17-year career in the travel industry.  During that time, she had many opportunities to span the globe and discover new locales.  The way Beverly traveled says a lot about her personality.

Whether she was in Paris, touring the Greek Isles or traveling domestically, the trip was never about just seeing the sights and sounds and checking them off a list.  Beverly was more interested in a truly immersive experience than simple scratching the surface.  She loved connecting with people, their foods, their history and their culture.  “To this day, I love getting to know people and seeing how they live”, Beverly says.

Indeed, Beverly’s ability to connect with people’s dreams and aspirations is at the root of her success as a leading real estate professional.  She earned her real estate license in 2007 and combined her lifetime of local insight with her ability to build rapport with people and she’s been connecting her clients with their home buying or selling goals ever since.  “I tend to really connect with people’s excitement and anticipation of their move”, Beverly says.  “it’s extremely satisfying to help people with something as important as buying or selling their most important investment.”

To Beverly, real estate isn’t just about buying and selling property. It’s about helping them achieve a lifestyle they desire.  That’s why the first thing she does in every transaction is listen carefully to her client’s specific objectives.  She takes the time to get to know people’s likes and dislikes, their lifestyle aspirations and the motivations behind their move.  Her worldly background allows her to relate to people from all walks of life and, of course, she draws on her lifetime of local knowledge to help her clients achieve their goals.

Your Tampa Bay Home Connection®

In addition to the strong “connections” Beverly creates with her clients, she also established a network of connections throughout the Tampa Bay area that make her a tremendous resource throughout your move.  If you’re considering buying or selling a home, or know someone who is, put Beverly’s local knowledge and successful track record on your side.  She’s Your Tampa Bay Home Connection ® and she’s sure to connect you with your goals.  Call her today to schedule a private consultation.